Sea Change Enterprises knows that there is untapped potential savings and revenue opportunities within the operations, strategy and leadership of every organization. Our unique consulting method, called The Edge™, allows us to identify, develop and capitalize on that potential so that you significantly improve your bottom line.

With The Edge™, we take a holistic perspective to help you Assess, Plan, Improve and Save:

Assess- We listen and get to know your organization from the inside out. Our research and analytic capabilities get to the root of your organization’s unique challenges because we combine our in-depth understanding of your company’s culture with best-in-class professional, industry-specific and technological expertise. Our assessments are completely customized, comprehensive and focused on identifying critical areas of improvement so that you get the most out of our consulting services.

Plan - We conceptualize the big picture and provide the tactical roadmap that will allow you to paint it. Our Strategic Roadmaps drive improvement by detailing the step-by-step development of the efficiencies, policies initiatives and benchmarks necessary for achieving your overall goals. We leverage best practices and your established internal structures to ensure that our roadmap is proactive, practical and possible.

Improve - We rally a commitment to execution both within and outside of your organization known as the Value Grid. Our improvement activities may include negotiations, training programs, project management, best practices initiatives or supply chain management. We mobilize every individual within your Value Grid to ensure that progress is coordinated, timely and tracked.

Save - We achieve measurable results that we drive you to maintain. We employ monitoring tools and establish ongoing support channels for employees at every level of your organization because we are committed to follow-through and delivery of sustainable solutions. Our goal is to focus on building strong relationships, and at the end of an engagement we want our clients to benefit from the strength and substance of a relationship with Sea Change Enterprises.